Choosing a DSLR (Part-I)

What DSLR should I buy? Is there an effective way to choose between different available DSLRs? Which one is the best DSLR in market these days? these are very common questions that I often get from my friends and readers, I thought why not scripting it for all my dear ones- It’s a good idea I guess 🙂

If you are in one of your initial phases of research and you still have doubts whether or not to upgrade your gears to DSLR then I would like to recommend you to read my post “Is it worth upgrading to DSLR?” Believe me you will not lose anything by reading it.

OK, now that you have made up your mind to buy a DSLR; let me take you through a range of steps that I usually recommend to make decision in choosing a good DSLR.

According to me a good DSLR is not the one which is expensive or has all the advanced features or has a live view or light weight but it is a camera that serves you with what you expect after paying thousands of dollars.

Just grab a pen and a paper and write down your own conclusions as against the 5 steps that I am presenting below:

1. What type of photography are you going to do?

2. Getting familiar with important features.

3. What’s your budget?

4. Compare and shortlist.

5. Step out to analyze.

Walla!! You are done. That sounds easy right??

Now let me dig into each of the steps which will make your life easier.

1. What type of photography are you going to do?

In brief, photography can be distinguished in a number of categories:

1.1. Indoor Photography

When you are planning to do a lot of indoor photography like shooting events mostly arranged indoors. Under this category you will mostly be shooting photos inside your premises, wedding halls, party halls, etc.

– You will be using external flash units a lot.

– You might have to shoot in no flash zones for which you will have to switch to high ISO settings.

– Due to dark conditions you will have to switch to lower shutter speed thus making an impact on the image quality due to hand shake i.e. Image stabilization.

– For image stabilization you will also have to have a tripod.

1.2. Night Photography

This is almost close to an indoor photography category and you will be mostly shooting stars, moon, city lights, fireworks, etc. under dark conditions.

– Again you will be using[…]view_full_article


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